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Stack of Marking

This is another one I wrote for the good people at You can subscribe by hitting the link. This month’s edition features loads of good stuff surrounding the teaching profession including an interview with Mr Mitchell from Educating Yorkshire right at the front. 

The front. He’s in it once and he gets to go near the front. Guess where I am. Go on. Guess.

Legacy Image

It’s getting to that stage in my career when a lot of the kids I taught as a fresh-faced young’un with hope in my heart and biros in my pocket have themselves reached adulthood. It seems like every time I’m out shopping I’m met by the dreaded call of ‘Sir! Sir!’ and turn around not to be greeted by some uniformed pipsqueak, but by a towering monolith whose crushing handshake proceeds to turn every one of my bones into a fine powder. They excitedly tell me…

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