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Amoral Children – or an Amoral System of Education?

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3D Eye

Consider a recent headline from a British newspaper:

State schools churning out a generation of ‘amoral children’

Maybe you’ve seen it already, or perhaps you’re wondering (as a fair minded and reasonable adult) what sort of pathetic tabloid rag would print such rubbish.

This article was in fact published last week by The Telegraph – supposedly a respectable newspaper of record, well read by British middle class conservatives and others. The remarks contained in the article were in fact picked up and widely disseminated throughout the British media.

“Churning out”? “Amoral”?

We’re meant to believe that our entire state school system is deliberately or unthinkingly producing a generation of children and young people that is less “moral” than previous generations, and has no regard for values or virtues?

We’re also meant to believe that Britain’s independent fee-paying schools are uniformly excellent at educating children to be paragons of morality…

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