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Who I Am. What I Do.

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This post is part of  the Who I Am. What I Do project started by @eddiekayshun and @julesdaulby  at

I am not particularly prone to self-loathing, but my main thoughts on my own primary school days rest upon how much I would hate to teach myself, if I was the teacher of my former self. There is possibly some truth in saying that my ‘ideal pupil’ as a primary school teacher is the diametric opposite of what I was a child; no doubt, this would whet the psychoanalysts appetite.

Despite not ever really having a profound illness of any kind, and despite having generally good health, I embodied ‘sickliness’ almost as a character trait. I say sickliness because ‘weakness’ sounds too condemnatory. I was that kid whose face would appear all too regularly at the office window, to a chorus of “Not you again, what now?” Migraines, was the most…

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