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Does Richard Walden have a point? Are testing and league tables driving out real education?

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Education for Everyone

Richard Walden was not, it has to be said, until recently a household name in the world of education. He’s head of a small independent primary school in Shropshire – though it would want to call itself a prep school so as to avoid confusion with the sweaty masses in the state system. The school is a reminder that the independent sector isn’t just the big names. Here your money buys class sizes about half those in state primaries and pupils’ destinations are local independents and state grammars.

But currently Richard Walden is chair of the independent Schools Association and that qualifies him to be described as “a leading private school headmaster” (sic). Last week he hit the headlines by telling his annual conference that “the state education system is producing a generation of “amoral” children who fail to understand the difference between right and wrong.” Whereas “many private schools…

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