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A Grand Day Out With Hattie & Waters

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Class Teaching

Today I attended the OSIRIS ‘Outstanding Teaching Conference 2014’ in London.  I always enjoy these events, but was particularly looking forward to this one, as they had two educational heavyweights on the bill – John Hattie and Mick Waters. Neither disappointed! I’ll attempt to summarise some of the key points from each of them.  Sorry if it seems a bit bitty, but I wanted to try and stick with what they said and not fill in the gaps myself and do them a dis-service (and I was only able to remember/ scribble so much!):

mick waters

Mick Waters – Enjoying the learning adventure

  • Successful schools need great teaching, great leadership at all levels, a well thought out curriculum map and a strong disposition for learning to be embedded.  They all overlap.
  • Curriculum planning should start with a ‘fulfilment of a common goal’ i.e. what do we want the curriculum to achieve.  This then…

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