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First impressions @MissNQT

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As I sat in the staffroom, opening perhaps the 6th Snapchat on my iPhone of a pair of legs sunbathing in the glorious midday heat, I became incredibly angry with myself for accepting this part-time work before summer. I could have lived a few more months in denial of responsibility and 6.30am starts, but no.

Today was overwhelming. Extremely overwhelming.

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One thought on “First impressions @MissNQT

  1. Good luck. I know it’s difficult to hear but try to relax. I was the same on my first day in September – despite having had all the transition etc I was still unsure of a million and one things. Luckily the advantage of UKS2 is that they often know the rules and will guide you if needs be. Even now i have occasion to wonder something all over again, like where a specific set of books might live etc, and they lead me through! If needs be, establish your own routines for the days you’re in, and when you get a chance to discuss with the other teacher, do. Remember that both you and the children will be finding their feet for the first few lessons you lead.

    Good luck!

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