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Crushed: Jack Dee’s schooldays, and how he found his Element

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3D Eye

Why do so many of the guests on BBC Radio 4s “Desert Island Discs” talk about distressing and shocking experience of school? Why do so many who will never achieve prominence or celebrity status also do likewise?

“Is it because I is creative?”


Once again this week we listened to the experiences of a highly intelligent man who is  extremely talented, self-reflective and thoughtful. He’s popular. His observational humour is dry and amusing and yet during his years in school he was labelled as “thick”!

Presumably Jack Dee found typical school tasks either too difficult or more likely, too tedious. As he mentioned during the broadcast, he couldn’t see the point of his schooling.

JD: From a very early (age), from about 8 or 9, I just didn’t understand what it was for – any of it. I just didn’t understand. I was interested in things. I just…

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