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Freeing the Angel

We’re standing at the top of Mount Vesuvius. Our feet hurt. It’s been a long hard slog to get up here. But it was worth it. Oh yes, indeed. We peer over the rail, and into the crater. Steam is streaming out of the side. Trees cling precariously to the inner slopes. The smell of sulphur hangs in the air. When we turn around, we can see the Bay of Naples, spread out before us. The view is breathtaking. We are here. There’s a shop. (There’s always a shop.) We buy a box of volcanic rocks, and wonder at the strange colours and names. We feel the texture of the rocks with our fingers, and smell the vivid yellow Sulphur. Obsidian is our favourite. (Not only is it hard, and black, and shiny, but you can also use it to build a portal to hell in Minecraft.) As we circle…

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