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Preparing for new SEN Code of Practice

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Webchat with Lorraine Petersen OBE @lorrainep1957

*** most recent version

– Local offer to be in place by Sept 14. Concerns that no accountability regarding local offer – who is checking that what people say is in place is actually happening?

– No new statement assessments from Sept 14

– Letter from Edward Timpson outlining changes (8 April) – need to find this

– new CoP also covers disabled children who do not have SEN

– more focus on high aspiration, parents and children being involved, services working together

– concerns regarding accountability of Health and Social Care

– concerns that students with statements might *not* get EHC plan – and more so that in the future similar students without a statement might not be ‘eligible’ for EHC plan

– Educational need is the prominent part of plan, H and C come in as/when needed

– CoP applies to…

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