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Ofsted should become less rigorous and thus more reliable.

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Esse Quam Videri

Michael Gove has suggested Ofsted should inspect private schools as they are more rigorous in their inspection than the private school’s own inspectorate, ISI. My reaction was one of horror. If anything highlights to me what a hollow and harmful process an Ofsted inspection is, it is picturing what they would make of the private school in which I teach.

It is my personal view that the majority of private schools would be torn to pieces by Ofsted. In a whole host of ways private schools fall far short of the ‘professionalism’ I encounter in the hours of my daily life I spend communicating with state school teachers on twitter. Certainly, some on twitter seems to relish the prospect of Ofsted getting their claws into private schools. I do wonder what the motive of this group is. Have they been losing sleep over the possible substandard education enjoyed by the…

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