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3D Eye

In today’s Guardian Education – twenty snapshots of mini-manifestos written by a selection of thoughtful educationalists . . . and Toby Young.

What to do with the Y factor? Why pay any attention to it? This man is more than a rent-a-gob. He’s an obsessive attention seeker, a mouthpiece for Govism and a hard-right reactionary ideologue. We can surely agree on this as a starting point? So let’s move on.

OK let’s not. Let’s dwell for one brief moment on his words of wisdom in this article.

If a for-profit company can set up, own and operate a free school at less cost to the taxpayer than a charitable organisation, and if it can guarantee above-average pupil outcomes, it shouldn’t be prevented from doing so for ideological reasons.

Anyone getting a whiff of self-interest in this blatant attempt to marketise education and sell it off to the lowest bidder(s)?…

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