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Assessment and Progression – Mapping Progression

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I’ve been thinking a great deal recently about progression in music education. I’ve written a lot in the past about how the National Curriculum levels are not, and never were, fit for this purpose. In this blog I outline a suggestion of one way in which progression can be delineated, building on assessments, to give a rounded picture of pupil progress.

I would like to begin, however, by endeavouring to disentangle assessment from progression. Again, I have presented, written and published on this topic on a number of occasions in the past. Assessment refers to attainment, and involves marking, grading, commenting, discussion, talk, demonstration, etc., and can be formative, summative, or ipsative. Progression refers to attainment tracked over time, to build up some form of picture of a learner. This is a very simplistic differentiation, just for the purpose of this blog, but I hope it will serve? What this…

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