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On Monday evening I was involved in a Twitter conversation with several SEN educators. We were discussing how to ensure that pupils on very low P Levels understand their learning objectives. There was a fair number of us involved in the dialogue until it almost became impossible to tweet.

It occurred to me that I had read a blog post on this topic a while ago. Could I find it? No! It was like mission impossible! I then came to the realisation that we need an account dedicated to SEN posts. This could be in the style of @TheEchoChamber2 and @primaryblogger1. If we had such an account locating the afore mentioned post wouldn’t have posed such a problem. That’s my theory anyway.

With this in mind I set about taking advice from some twitter stalwarts. Clever people, the ones in the know. @Edutronic_Net gave me his advice, thanks Chris. Next…

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