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Curriculum Freedoms – how far should we go?

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Curriculum freedom is currently flavour of the month in all parts of the political spectrum. As is well known, academies and free schools don’t have to follow the National Curriculum. What they actually do have to do is however not such a simple question to answer. Mostly they are required to provide a curriculum that is balanced and broadly based, and includes English, mathematics and science. Requirements vary however, especially amongst early academies when funding agreements were not so consistent.

Labour is now committing itself to “extend to all schools the freedoms academies can use to innovate and raise standards such as freedom over the curriculum, trusting teachers to get on with the job” (from the Labour Party draft policy document to be considered at the Policy Forum in July).

We have of course been here before. Before 1988, schools had almost total curriculum freedom. The National Curriculum was introduced…

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