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Love Learning....

Maybe it was the sunshine. Maybe it was not feeling queasy for the first time in a week. Maybe it was the chance to work alongside John Tomsett for whom I’d happily lie down in the middle of the M1, but I made my way to York for ResearchEd on Saturday morning with a smile on my face. And I was not disappointed. It was a lovely day. There were some significant improvements on the first ResearchEd that made the event seem more balanced, inclusive and rooted in teaching. Perhaps starting the day with a key note from someone who has dedicated their whole life to educating young people made all the difference.

John Tomsett

I learned that if you do or say something to irritate John, he’s not likely to argue with you, get angry or vengeful. But he’ll wait a while and then gently tease you. His gentlemanly…

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