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Reflections on NTEN ResearchED York @HeyMissSmith

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This event at John Tomsett’s Huntington School was my second foray into the world of “Research Matters” (the mantra on the inaugural slide in the main hall). It was an altogether more satisfying one than my first experience (not simply due to my sausage heavy diet over the twenty four hours I was “oop north”).
The first ResearchEd, held in the prestigious Dulwich College, had felt removed from the realities I face every day in my classroom; the concept of a research based profession was not sold to me as a coherent package that day. I had come away from the event mildly confused, and still more than a little antagonised by the idea that this sudden wave of interest in the field of educational research, especially RCTs, would be used cynically for the current political agenda; I had been as wary as a cat by a swimming pool.

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