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NTEN / ResearchED York

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This is not an anthology of the day, it’s merely a reflection of the thoughts that constantly spiraled through my mind as I was driving home to Glasgow from York. I attended the fantastic NTEN / Research Ed event at Huntington School and I loved the day, l loved meeting so many twitterati as 3D organics, and I loved the feel of the day.

From John Thomsett’s fantastic opening talk to Kenny’s superbly insightful words on a curriculum that is not perhaps a curriculum nor excellent but, BUT may still evolve further into something to be proud of. Jill Berry’s honest, sincere and thought provoking narrative into the change from DHT to Headship which resonated strongly with HTs I spoke to on the day and onto the inimitable Tom Bennett’s welcomingly acerbic yet incredibly insightful look at the “good, the bad & the ugly” of research informed practice. Through…

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