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10 tips for getting started with Edmodo in a primary school

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Edmodo A few years ago I was an enthusiastic proponent of Moodle. This was partly because our local authority provided it for free, and partly because I was teaching in Year 7 and so anything to support kids with actually getting homework done was a good thing. However, I understood why colleagues were reluctant to master its foibles, didn’t like it’s clunky appearance, and weren’t really prepared to spend the time monitoring discussions or chat. And so in many year teams it lay unused.

It was with some trepidation, then, that I started to use Edmodo with just one of my classes a couple of years ago. It went with mixed success because those students had become used to the greater freedom on Moodle, and so were not overly impressed. But that was exactly what made it appeal to me when I considered my colleagues. So first, let me make clear some…

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