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Music With Lego

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Class Teaching Tips

No, I am not going to break into song (quite), but I went to a TeachMeet yesterday and came away with a new, and heretofore un-thought of use for Lego in my Year 1 Music lessons, courtesy of some lovely young infant teachers trained at the University of Gloucestershire.

I have introduced my class to the concept of regular rhythm over the last couple of terms, and now I would like to get them started on composition, but it a gentle, age appropriate way, organised so that I don’t get a more horrible headache than I can handle on a Thursday afternoon.  A tall order, I know.

The children have had experience of working with four rhythms, based on the work of Jan Holdstock and her creepy crawly cards.  So far they know:

doll               teddy          racing car  double decker

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