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Teacher, Know Thy Responsibility

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In my first blog on this subject (What’s a Teacher; Teacher, know thyself), two brief statements of possible characteristics required of effective teachers were presented:

1. The teacher must know what they are talking about, and the students must know that the teacher knows.

2. The teacher must really want the students to know what they, the teacher, know, and the students must know that, too.

No-one criticised these (but there is still time), so I will move on from these. I want to explore ‘Authority’ a bit, in the context of what a teacher is. Through responding to the comments of that last blog I became convinced that there is an ‘irreducible core’ to being a teacher, and I have previously had an interesting discussion with Tim (@imagineinquiry) on the subject of ‘Authority’ as it applies to teachers (see Obedience blogs… Authority is linked to…

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