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3D Eye

Concerns about the wellbeing of our education system persist regardless of the Easter break.


Following a meeting in the House of Commons earlier this month, a letter appeared in the Guardian calling for a “change of direction” for our schools.

All points were perfectly valid and should be considered by policy makers of every political persuasion.

We do need (in summary from the letter),

  • Collaboration not competition between schools
  • Qualified teacher status to be respected with opportunities for continued development
  • Equity in funding for schools, enabling equal entitlement for our children
  • Inclusion to be truly inclusive and not merely a code of practice
  • Professionals to lead and direct educational policy
  • A curriculum that recognises the value of creativity and the arts

wellbeing word

However, we are dismayed by the lack of focus on wellbeing as we strongly believe this is an integral part of education and schooling. Academic achievement is an…

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