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Your religion, your politics and school values

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Three weeks ago, before the story of alleged “Islamic extremism” in Birmingham schools broke, I arrived in the city to give a talk to teacher trainees. My cab driver started chatting and – as they do – asked what I was doing in Birmingham. When I told him I was an education lecturer and former headteacher, he launched into a fifteen-minute tirade.

His brother, he said, was a really good primary school teacher who had had excellent reports from Ofsted inspections but was now being driven out of the school where he worked by a new headteacher who was trying to impose conservative Islamic views in the school. “We are Muslims, my parents came from Pakistan” he said, “but we are Westernised and he has told my brother he wants him out of the school.”

He asked for my advice. I told him to tell his brother to do two…

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