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Should we get the Unions we deserve or deserve the Unions we get (Part 2)

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Chrismcd53's blog

I thought that I would add a brief update to this blog post as the responses have been very interesting – thank you.

Broadly they fall into three camps:

The Union is only as strong as its membership: 

This is a point that is made very clearly by a number of people both in responses and in tweets. People point out that it is up to members to shape their union and people such as @emmaannhardy suggest resources to engage with – also pointing out that the a Union can make resources available but can’t force members to use them.

The Unions could do more:

This is a point made by @teachertoolkit who makes the point that we as members pay for union’s work and so the unions should do much more for the profession (You can read his reply in full on the original post). He gives the example…

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