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Low Expectations: Feedback Loop

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Well, there was a twitter exchange today between @IcingOnTheCake, and @oldandrew and @samfr, following this blog from @IcingOnTheCake, and something became clear to me (I’ll come back to that later).

It appears to be certain that children from poorer backgrounds have a strong tendency to do worse in school than those around them who are from richer backgrounds. There are some nuances here around ‘poorer’ and ‘richer’, and not everyone does worse etc. However, the overall trend is clear. To be honest, when I first heard about this I was surprised (I think it was from @headguruteacher that I first saw the evidence), having come from a FSM background and done very well in education….I had assumed that anyone could do well regardless of background. But this was an example of personal anecdote getting in the way of the evidence. @IcingOnTheCake’s blog points out that Elites in our Society have…

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