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Cabinet-making and Writing- are they the same thing?

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Of the many jobs I had prior to becoming a teacher, the first was as a cabinet-maker. The small firm I worked for specialised in designing and making exquisite bespoke, to-order furniture. Alongside me worked incredible craftsmen, artists,almost, who used their skill, knowledge and experience to transform simple lengths of timber into intricately detailed objects of which they were justly proud.

As an unskilled newcomer, it was, for a long time, beyond my ability to produce finished pieces of furniture. I could visualise a rocking chair but hadn’t the skills to fashion the manifold component parts required to construct one. Had I attempted to do so, I might have ended up with a rough approximation, but the most cursory of inspections by even an untrained eye would quickly have revealed the faults in my work.

And so, how to improve my craftsmanship? I could, of course, have stumbled from one…

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