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Teaching about climate change: how the sceptics see Gove as an ally

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Last week, the Daily Mail gave substantial space to a report from Nigel Lawson’s “Global Warming Policy Foundation” that claimed to reveal how children are being indoctrinated by green propaganda in schools (

The report asserts that “We find instances of eco-activism being given a free rein within schools…. In every case of concern, the slant is on scares, on raising fears, followed by the promotion of detailed guidance on how pupils should live, as well as on what they should think. In some instances, we find encouragement to create ‘little political activists’ in schools by creating a burden of responsibility for action on their part to ‘save the planet’, not least by putting pressure on their parents.”

The starting point of course is that the dangers of man-made climate change are matters about which there can be a legitimate scientific debate and that scepticism is a defensible position…

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