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Tiers of Engagement

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jonny walker teaching

Engagement is the most unnecessarily contentious of issues in teaching. Engagement is whatever can be done to ‘hook’ the attention of learners in order that they learn as much as possible, and that they do so actively .

Engagement can be fostered by specific items of knowledge, specific pupil activities, specific discussions and questions or specific modes of delivery on the part of the teacher.

Engagement without knowledge is a huge waste of everybody’s learning time in school, but knowledge without engagement is rare and unproductive.

Engagement works, as an element of learning, at two levels – the lesson level and the legacy level.

A lesson can be engaging at both levels, at either one, or at neither. The effectiveness of engagement rests on another lovely buzzword – differentiation. If you know what your children do and do not know, and if you know how they do and do not…

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