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Should teachers be judged by Twitter?

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Chrismcd53's blog

Right, I need to find some teachers to consult with – where can I look?

Ummmm – in a school?

No, too obvious, too yesterday – but where?

Got it! Twitter – but how to choose….what might be a handy rule of thumb? Hang on – what is this followers thingie…?

Now let me be perfectly clear – I am not for a second suggesting or implying that the teachers who attended the recent Primary Curriculum meeting are anything other than marvellous ambassadors for our profession, but in my experience of having had the honour to work with some truly outstanding colleagues – not all are on social media – so why look there for colleagues to offer input?

I can’t help wondering what the criteria for selecting delegates was? Surely it can’t be as simple as having a large twitter following or blogging rather a lot – can it?

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