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Discussion: Should we fine parents who holiday during term time?

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Secret Teacher

In September 2013 a new rule came into effect which prevented schools from granting pupils time off school, except for in ‘exceptional circumstances’. As such, parents who make the decision to remove their children from school to take them on holiday are doing so in a manner inconsistent with the law of the land and risk a penalty. Previously pupils could have been granted up to ten days leave without ramifications; however that is no longer the case. As a result, the number of parents being fined for taking term time holidays has increased by over 70%. Surely, this seems resonable. You break the law, you get fined.

That is, of course, until you consider why parents choose to take holidays during term times. Of course there are some parents whose holidays are previously prescribed to them or who simply cannot take time off at any other period of…

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One thought on “Discussion: Should we fine parents who holiday during term time?

  1. You’re right when you say people shouldn’t underestimate time off. Like you said, just 1 week a year adds up. I found out that the average Australuan child, having between 12-15 days off (combining during-term holidays, sick days, etc) adds up to missing a full school year over the span of their education! Kids only spend 15% of their time at school as it is, so missing any more – let’s say, for the sake of a cheaper family vacation – is ridiculous.

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