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Car crash UIFSM interview, Laws passes the buck and Clegg ignores the law

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not very jolley

Yesterday was another busy day on the free school meals front. BBC released some shocking figures on school kitchens, or more the lack of them,  David Laws peddling his views on the radio (and sent schools a letter on PP) then there was a remarkable discussion between Henry de Zoete and Lib Dem grandee Sir Malcolm Bruce on the daily politics show. Finally I noticed a missive from Nick Clegg, which has since been amended. I have left in my comments in, as it was significant, so much so they have been removed!As Laws was his usual slimy self and the daily politics really was car crash telly, I will go through the show in depth, please bear with me as it gets good towards the end and it is genuinely amazing. the show starts at 10:40
The DP ran a story by Alex Forsyth including a visit…

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