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The wrong notes in the wrong order

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Hunky Dory Early Years

Michael Wilshaw addressed the great and the good in Westminster Hall last Thursday morning. As is increasingly the case, the content of his speech made a few headlines. As is always the case, everything that he said left those who actually understand early years and primary education outraged and despairing.

The seas of education have been choppy since May 2010. Right now, with a year to go to the next election, they are positively stormy. As Gove and Truss make policy announcements almost daily – desperate to make their mark, egos running amok – David Laws seems unable to rein them in. And in their midst, Wilshaw, demonstrates an uncanny ability to sound more like a politician than what he actually is, an unelected civil servant charged with a regulatory role.

I printed off the text of Wilshaw’s speech, finding myself intrigued by the depth of consternation his words had…

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