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The View from Westminster Bridge (more from that DFE meeting on 8/4/14)

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Following our visit to the DFE on 8/4/14, I wandered to Westminster Bridge where I was due to meet some friends before going out for a meal. This gave me some valuable thinking time.

So what happened at the DFE? @imagineinquiry has recorded the events of the meeting extremely well in his blog postand @debrakidd, @heymisssmith, @cherrylkdand@theprimaryheadhave all added important detail and their views to the account.

As I stood on the bridge, I had flashbacks to a sea of glass fronted offices, of civil servants typing away at their PCs and, of course, the biscuit platter! But I could hear the passionate voices once again from around the table:

  • Emma (@emmaannhardy) asking about the overarching vision for the NC
  • Debra (@debrakidd) eloquently espousing alternatives to what’s happening now
  • Cherryl (@cherrylkd) down the line with her recent Ofsted and Teaching School experience
  • Jane (@heymisssmith)…

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