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“Proper costings” for UIFSM, quite simply the figures dont stack up

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not very jolley

One of the most significant documents in the whole Universal Infant Free School Meal debate came out today.

I know I have banged on about the justification, the implementation timescales and the lack of infrastructure funding. But for some time my major concerns has been the ongoing additional costs being levied on schools. I am not a catering manager, I have no way of effectively costing out meals, so I have not really ventured into this realm, (other than guesstimating that one of the ready made drop in kitchen pods, adds about 70p per meal), but the attached document was a game changer.

Recently I tweeted some interesting workings from @schoolmealplan, a caterer who has experience in school meals.!kitchenpods/cj10

On the back of that I asked Myles and Brad from the SFP for their thoughts and any alternative figures (and I am not claiming credit, they may well have been…

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