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DfE – the E is for ‘Evaluation’

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So what was the point of some fools from Twitter talking to the DfE and an MP for 90 minutes? Well it was fun, I enjoyed it and it was a genuine pleasure to meet some of the many people I follow and respect on Twitter in person. But on reflection, I don’t know what the point was.
I think this mainly because there was no set agenda – well there was but we didn’t know it beforehand. We were an eclectic bunch too. I think if we had been picked for any other reason apart from we’re mouthy on Twitter and we blog, then, well I wouldn’t necessarily know what that reason was. We all care deeply about education, but our fields of expertise were disparate to say the least. That’s not a bad thing but did it contribute significantly to what the DfE wanted out of it? I…

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One thought on “DfE – the E is for ‘Evaluation’

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