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PISA says problem solving is important – and we’re good at it. Singapore thinks so too!

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Toby Young is today off on one of his periodic rants against the Blob and all its works – it may be April 1st but it seems he really does mean it. His target is PISA’s decision to launch tests in collaborative problem solving. Apparently the unrelenting focus of English schools on stuff like this is the entire reason why no one can read or write and the rest of the world is passing us by.

It would seem, sadly, that he didn’t realise when writing the article that PISA has already undertaken testing in problem solving and has just published the results. The fact that England comes out well – 11th out of 44 and not statistically different from 8th place – will no doubt be dismissed by Young as proof of how wrong we’ve got everything.

It would be tiresome to catalogue again all the ways that Young’s…

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