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Aiming for – if not quite getting, 100% – what happened when I tried to get all my students doing what I wanted?

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Improving Teaching

There’s one suitable percentage of students following a direction given in your classroom: 100 Percent. If you don’t achieve this, you make your authority subject to interpretation, situation, and motivation. Students have cause to ask themselves: ‘Did she mean that? For everyone? Do I feel like going along with her today?'”
Doug Lemov, Teach Like a Champion

I’d had the audacity to help train teachers in using Lemov’s techniques of ‘minimally invasive discipline’ and thought I was fairly effective in deploying them myself.  As I mentioned in a post in December however, the fidelity with which I’d been putting this into practice left much to be desired.  So this has been my main focus this term.

Is it OK to expect 100% student compliance?

I’ve missed most of it, but it appears there has been a good deal of dispute recently about obedience and compliance.  This post fits within this debate…

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