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Freeing the Angel

There was much rejoicing in the primary/secondary sector when Sir Michael Wilshaw sent a letter to school inspectors, insisting that they should not look for a particular teaching style when observing lessons, but focus solely on the outcomes for students. This week a similar letter was sent to early years inspectors. Interestingly, the reaction of the early years sector to ‘their’ letter was very different. To the puzzlement of some commentators, not everyone in the sector sees this message as an entirely ‘good thing’. To help understand why, here are ten practical reasons why it may be problematic to measure early years settings on their outcomes rather than on the quality of their provision. Please note that the word ‘play’ is not mentioned once in this blog (except just then).

1. Given the absence of numerical data from tests such as SATs or GCSEs in the early years, there is…

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