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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Revisited: My Reluctant Writer

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Secret Teacher

Nearly two months ago I posted this blog about my reluctant writer. With young Ben, I was really struggling to get his ideas onto the paper. His work was scruffy and of insignificant quality to even begin to consider its’ quality. I was struggling to provide evidence to show that he was making sufficient progression under my instruction and his engagement with tasks was bordering on non-existence. In desperate need of help, I turned to Twitter.

Luckily for me a lot of people responded and provided me with helpful advice and instruction that I could use as I sought to engage and develop Ben’s interest in writing. I have used several strategies over the past two months which have seen a tremendously remarkable improvement in the quantity and quality (although not the presentation) of young Benjamin’s work. The examples below are testament to the improvement that Ben has shown in…

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