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Councils need to rise to Ofsted’s challenge and show they make a difference

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Education for Everyone

There’s a lot of debate and a lot of uncertainty about what a future Labour government would mean for the education role of local authorities. Think tanks have spent the last couple of years trying to work out how some kind of local role can be restored. Now we await the Blunkett review to give us some kind of steer as to where policy might be going.

But there is much less live debate about what councils should be doing now in the face of Gove’s onslaught. The result is a huge lack of clarity and a wide variety of practice across the country. There remain a mass of legal duties on local authorities but also massive confusion about how they are supposed to exercise them.

Nowhere is this more true than in the area of monitoring school standards and intervening to address underachievement. According to their funding agreements, academies…

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