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Useful Assessment in the primary school

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Ramblings of a Teacher

I love the theory of themed chats on Twitter, but I’m hopeless at the practice of them. I never remember when they are, I’m often not available, I still haven’t mastered using Tweetdeck without getting very frustrated by the pace, and often find too much noise and not enough coherence. And of course, I usually feel I have too much to say, as is my way. But I know they’re very fruitful for others, so I genuinely hope that the #primedchat on Wednesday evenings (makes mental note) continues to thrive. I will try to contribute during, but I’ve also decided to put down some thoughts here in advance on the theme of How do you make assessment useful without it taking over your life?

Assessment is such an important part of the job that we do, but I do fear that too often we end up prioritising assessment for assessment’s…

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