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We, the teachers, must hold OFSTED’s feet to the fire

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Pragmatic Education


Policy Exchange today publish a report calling for OFSTED to be more like a hygiene inspector, and less like a food critic.

In brief, the report recommends:

  • a 2 stage inspection process
  • a 1-day, data-driven ‘health check’ inspection every 2 years with an overall grade, and a capability grade merging leadership, teaching, behavior & achievement
  • a tailored inspection for schools with inconclusive data, or at risk of requiring improvement, with an overall grade, and the 4 separate current sub-grades
  • a shift of manpower away from good and outstanding schools to those at risk of requiring improvement and below


Strikingly, it also advocates:

  • the total abolition of all routinelesson observations by Ofsted
  • abolishing or drastically reducing the dependence on Additional Inspectors


Facts in the report show:

  • Achievement grades correlate with overall grades in around 99% of cases
  • OFSTED spend £30m of £127 a year on outsourced contracts for Additional Inspectors

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