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Finding Your Tribe.

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Love Learning by Debra Kidd

I was invited this weekend to spend some time in the Independent Thinking Bubble – which turned out to be a beautiful country house in Wales, packed full of people whose books I had read or am waiting to read. I was slightly nervous, sitting in the car for ten minutes, plucking up the courage to go in on Friday night. By Sunday morning, I didn’t want to leave. I had found my tribe and had my soul realigned.

It is easy in times such as these to start to think that people who know that learning happens in the body, the heart and the mind are a tiny minority. You can start to believe that the words ‘fun’, ‘engagement’, ‘relevance’, ‘enjoyment’, ‘love’, ‘happiness’, ‘conscience’, ‘ collaboration’ and even ‘group work’ are the problem with education and not an integral part of the solution. Too often we read earnest, well…

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