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Tony Benn: Comprehensive Education and Lifelong Learning

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3D Eye

Tony Benn has died but his legacy of thoughtful, egalitarian politics lives on in the many people who, like him, tirelessly campaign for equality and social justice.

Tony Benn

Ed Miliband said of Benn “He will be remembered as the champion of the powerless, a great parliamentarian and a conviction politician.”

Tony Benn held many causes dear to his heart – from the rights of trade unionists to unilateral nuclear disarmament, from the need for constitutional reform to the fundamental belief in the welfare state. He also believed that those in power should be held accountable at all times for the decisions they were making.

Miliband also said, “Tony Benn spoke his mind and spoke up for his values. Whether you agreed with him or disagreed with him, everyone knew where he stood and what he stood for.”

How many of us demonstrate our convictions so eloquently and consistently, firmly sticking to…

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