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From the Me to the We: Making Group-Work Work!

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In ‘The Importance of Teaching‘ Michael Gove says: “All too often, we’ve seen an over-emphasis on group work – in practice, children chatting to each other – in the belief that is a more productive way to acquire knowledge than attending to an expert.” Of course he is right, group-work done badly is bad.

I hate being told to ‘join in’. I recoil when I am told to get into groups with colleagues at staff meetings, in-service training days and those soul destroying ‘group bonding’ away days. My natural reaction is one of abject horror. On the unfortunate occasions when it occurs, I try to be funny and cynical, or skeptical and difficult. Sometimes my alpha-maleness tries to lead but inevitably fails as a real alpha male or female takes over, and I shrink to a point of detached cynicism. When it comes to the plenary I am…

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