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Reflections on #PedagooLondon 14

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Candida Gould

#PedagooLondon is, for me, the first ‘sharing best practice’ highlight of 2014. Learning, sharing and working collaboratively has always been my key motivator in life. I joined twitter not that long ago but already it has become a huge part of my life. Evidently as, when @murphiegirlRachael Stevens reminded us, that the twitter ‘world’ was relatively small in comparison to the whole ‘teaching world’, I had to smile.

Twitter, the tiny square on 12 o'clock. Twitter, the tiny square on 12 o’clock.

I enjoyed Rachael’s key note as it set a great tone for the day, especially because she reminded us to keep doing what we are already pretty good at: join forces with like-minded colleagues and keep things positive.

I’m lucky to work at the same school as Kelly McDonagh (@MissKMcD) who is  as happy as I to give up ‘free time’ to go to Teach Meets or conferences to talk and learn about…

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