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Playing left-handed: How do I improve as a teacher?

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Improving Teaching

In the 1996 World Championships, O’Sullivan came up against Alain Robidoux and displayed a talent that few can rival. Being naturally right-handed, O’Sullivan began to play left-handed during the match. Robidoux accused him of being disrespectful and Ronnie responded that he was a better player with his left hand than Robidoux was with his right.

“O’Sullivan was called to a disciplinary hearing following Robidoux’s formal complaint, where he had to prove his skill with his left hand. He played three frames against former snooker star Rex Williams and won them all. The charge of bringing the game into disrepute was dropped.”

In considering Legacy, which derives leadership lessons from the All Blacks and is one of our CPD Book Club choices, my colleagues and I were interested in this one: ‘when you’re on top of your game, change your game.’  My colleague Will Lau, who combines…

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