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Ofsted 2: Retraining the Dementors?

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March Hare

A bright, crisp beginning to the month of March found me sat in an auction room oblivious to the world around me. Although dutifully bidding on the required lots (following a swift jab in the ribs a few times from my partner), my mind was back in Bristol (my home for most of the previous week) and thinking about Dementors. Why Bristol? Stage 1 Ofsted Training! Why Dementors? I was thinking about Kitandrew1’s blog postfrom November 2013.

Chocolate – in case of emergency

From session 1 on day 1, the message about lesson observations and grades from @mcladingbowlhad certainly been heard by our trainer. We shared our views and, interestingly enough, not all colleagues had heard the news.

The training itself was full on as you would expect. But at every turn, whether:

  • Reviewing observations of teaching on DVD
  • Listening to teaching staff evaluate strengths and…

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