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Now! That’s Primary Blogging Volume Seven

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This week’s roundup of primary and primary-related posts. Please let us know on @prawnseye of any you would like included in future volumes.
1. The value of judging individual lessons, via @theprimaryhead:
2. The human costs of being a teacher, via @teacher_mummy:
3. The player of games, via @nancygedge:
4. Framing writing, courtesy of @ChrisChivers2:
and also Children and the language of improvement:
5. Improving teaching through varying models of lesson observation, via @prawnseye:
6. The importance of true professional learning and development, via @informed_edu:
7. The farcical nature of lesson observations, via @cazzypot:
8. The importance of valuing people, via @HTBruce:
9. Resources to support the teaching of reading, courtesy of @MrsPTeach:
10. The myriad pressures of a teacher’s workload, via @Sue_Cowley:
11. Guide to iPads in the classrom, via @Ideas_Factory:
12. Thoughts on lesson observations, courtesy…

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