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Where a school may be seeking to improve the writing skills of the children, this approach is offered as a holistic approach which focuses on the writing process, with editing and improvement at the core.

Towards structure in writing (a two-page approach)

The principles of a two-page approach to writing can be relatively simply put.

• The first page of an exercise book is left blank potentially to act as an ongoing contents list.

• If blank paper is used, differential writing frames can be created to be used underneath as writing guidelines.

• If writing targets are on a fold out sheet pasted to the front or back of the exercise book, so that they can be opened out while writing occurs, the whole constitutes a working document. Targets can be extracted for each task and an ongoing development commentary recorded.

• Subsequent two page spreads are the basis for the development of further writing with clear, ongoing developmental targets. Each is a project in its own right.

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