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I still can’t dance – so what have I learned?

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Improving Teaching

After four years of lessons, I still can’t dance.  I’ve attended six classes (four of them regularly, albeit consecutively) in three styles: salsa, tango and swing.  Nontheless, I’m still insufficiently proficient to use go beyond classes and try ‘social dancing.’  So, if I can’t do this…

…what have I learned?

Modelling matters – and not just at the beginning…  So much so that there were complaints recently in my swing lesson when people at the back couldn’t see.  It is only through seeing the steps and moves modelled repeatedly that I can understand what I am supposed to do.  Conversely, there comes a point where further demonstration ceases to be helpful – I have to try it.  Then, having made several failed attempts (but managed some parts of a move), is the most helpful time to revisit the model, to see what I’m missing.

Progress isn’t linear…  “It’s…

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